CSL (Company Special License) has many tax benefits, social, it is also ideal for active people who want to emigrate to the Seychelles Islands.

CSL (Company Special License) is a company resident in Seychelles enjoying a  rate of1.5% tax on global profits of the company

In Seychelles, there is no tax on capital gains, withholding at source on dividend payments even to non-residents.

CSL is governed by the Companies Act 1972 and the CSL Act 2003.

CSL (Companies Special License) benefits from double taxation treaties signed by the Seychelles.

So far , Seychelles Islands have signed double taxation treaties with

Bahrain Indonesia South Africa
BarbadosMalaysia Thailand
Botswana Mauritius U.A.E
China Oman Vietnam
CyprusQatar Zambia

Other countries are negotiation in course, such as Russia, Egypt, Tunisia, Czech Republic, India, Philippines, Cotes d’Ivoire …

CSL’s (Company Special License) allows to obtain the residence permit for operators after acceptance of your application.

However, it is noted that in the case of CSL located in the Free Zone, the residence permit is free  for operators and their families (spouse and children), and expatriate employees.

CSL’s (Company Special License) is subject to the following conditions to be registered and renewed:

  • Minimum 2 partners,
  • 2 directors (individuals) who may be the same people
  • 1 secretary, who is necessarily the registered agent in Seychelles
  • The identity of directors, shareholders or beneficial owners shall be communicated to the authorities but are not disclosed to the ​​public
  • The opening of the bank account can be done in Seychelles or other countries.
  • A license will be granted to such company for activities such as:
  • Holding companies, marketing, franchise,
  • Company owns intellectual or artistic property
  • Human resources company, headquarters group
  • Offshore banking, Offshore Insurance Company .