Incorporate an Offshore Company

Create an IBC (International Business Company) or a GBL2 (Global Business License Type 2) and minimize the tax liability of your company.

Incorporate a Hybrid Company

Create a CSL (Company Special License) or a GBL1 (Global Business License Type 1) and operate under the Double Taxation scheme.

4 Basic questions to ask before deciding to create an offshore company

Why do I need an offshore company?

Set up an offshore company will allow you to outsource your business and enjoy legal flexibility.

You can certainly maximize your income with less tax and accounting pressure, less tax and accounting complication, fewer documents to be produced to administrations enables businessmen to be more competitive and thus work more and better in their industry.

The jurisdictions of Mauritius or Seychelles simply asking a flat fee regardless of the turnover or profit of the company.

These offshore jurisdictions are commonly called tax havens regarding several countries pressurized in their tax systems.

In fairness with local companies, the offshore company may not trade, working with the resident in the jurisdiction, as economic actors have to worry about the country in which is their market.

The activity must be carried out with countries outside the jurisdiction chosen even if you have a bank account in that territory.

How do I use it?

The offshore company as the case may be part of a tax optimization plan, part of a holding company or may work directly for intangible activities or to receive income from intellectual services, patents etc..

The IBC(International Business company) can acquire a yacht under the Seychellois flag in the Seychelles or in other countries.

It will hold a bank account, and be like any other company registered with Companies chosen jurisdiction.

Example of intangible activities:

  • E business (excluding goods delivery)
  • Outsourcing of banking, accounting
  • Software development
  • Web site hosting
  • Call centers
  • Adsense, advertising
  • Show Biz, top athletes
  • Copyright, licensing
  • Consulting
  • Coaching

In which offshore jurisdiction will my offshore company be located?

In order to offer better services and better advice, we chose to focus on two highlighted jurisdictions in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles and Mauritius. Two countries that we know well and we work directly with.

See the advantaged of incorporating your company in the Seychelles or Mauritius with this non-exhaustive comparison between IBC (SEYCHELLES) GBL2 (MAURICE)

How is the process for the set up?

You must complete the online order form or you can download, file and sign the order form here.

You can file it on line and send us in a first stage by e mail the requested identification documents:

  1. A certified true copy of your passport by a notary Public, a Lawyer, a certified accountant or a banker (the certification must be in French or English language).
  2. A certified true copy of a recent proof of residential address ( – than 3 months old) like a Bill of utility, electricity or fixed line phone invoice, bank or card statement (note that a second identification document like a national identity card or driving license must be used a proof of residential address).
  3. A letter of bank reference in original or certified true copy in English or French language.

Once the name is approved, you must pay the order.

The company is registered in 72 workable hours after the reception of the payment.

After, we sign a service agreement offering a stability of the fees during a minimum of 5 years and we send you the original documents of the company by courier (DHL or FEDEX).

The documents for the bank account opening are pre-filed and sent by email for signature, we can send them by encrypted e mails (

You re-send to us all the documents and the identification documents in original by DHL or FEDEX and we look after the bank account opening.